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CG landscapes? They’re very pretty, but what are you actually selling?

The products I sell are scene files for use in 3D modelling and rendering software packages such as Carrara or Vue. I create all the individual elements in the scene: trees, water, plants, buildings etc. People buy the package and use the elements or the whole scene when they are making their own 3D artwork. These artworks can be anything from models of a proposed product or design, panels for comics, images for advertising or illustration, or simply for fun!

About Me:

portraitI was born in 1972 in Queensland and have lived in many places in Australia. I now find myself in Canberra, the capital of Australia. I studied Graphic Design at university and worked in pre-press for a few years, before becoming a web programmer. I am presently self employed as a CG artist and web developer. I also have a wife, a corgi, a burmese and a bike collection.

You can also find an interview I did at the following link: Renderosity Artist of the Month interview

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